JGAurora A5S & A1

The JGAurora A5S and A1 are new printers released in October 2018. They feature a new 32-bit motherboard developed in-house by JGAurora, using Allegro A5984 stepper drivers with 32x microstepping, delivering much improved printing performance over their predecessor, the A5. Both of these printers also feature smart features like power outage resuming, and filament run out sensors. The A5S and A1 printers have large print volumes of 300x300x320 and 300x300x300 respectively.

Where to buy JGAurora A5S

Where to buy JGAurora A1

A5S Reviews

A1 Reviews

A5S & A1 Firmware

Spare Parts

High Quality replacement bearings:

Spare Bowden Coupler:

Replacement Glass Bed

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