JGMaker Magic 3D Printer

A budget printer from JGAurora, released 2019. Competes with Ender-3 and Alfawise U30.

Comes with a PVC sticker bed, print area 220x220x250 build area.


Where to Buy

Maintenance & Repair


  • Upgrade the bed print surface! You can order a 235mm x 235mm coated glass bed (e.g. ultrabase, superplate) which stick well, but make it much easier to remove prints after they are done! This printer bed has the same dimensions as Ender 3. Order from: Gearbest or from AliExpress. For tips with using coated glass beds, have a look here: Coated Glass Bed Adhesion Tips

Support Groups

JGMaker Firmware

JGAurora released the marlin fimware for the JGMaker Magic Here:

DaHai Zhu has kindly prepared a custom firmware for the JGMaker Magic here.

To install firmware on the JGMaker Magic, please follow the instructions for updating the firmware on the A5. However, you can leave the LCD connected, there is no need to unplug it on the Magic.

Software: JGCreat or Cura

You can download the latest JGCreat with support for the JGMaker from here:

We have also added a basic community profile to Cura 4.1. NOTE: there is a bug in Cura 4.1, make sure you set the Z max speed to 400, don't leave it blank!

Official Setup Video

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