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Welcome to the JGAurora Wiki Shopping page. If you use the links on this page when you buy your printer, you are helping to support the JGAurora wiki and JGAurora forum.

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JGMaker A5S

JGMaker A1

JGMaker Magic

  • Amazon USA - Amazon is currently running a $20 coupon promo, no code required!
  • UK: NSE Imports - use coupon JGWIKI5 for 5% off a JG 3D printer!

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Don't forget to also check out the Starter Kit Page, for essential 3D Printer Tools and Accessories.

โš ๏ธ Warning: What store should I buy from?

There are many sellers of the JGAurora printers online. Everybody wants to pay the lowest price, but not all sellers are equal! For example, the JGAurora A5 printer is a large printer, but the packaging is not very thick, so a large number of customers have received printers with some kind of shipping damage.

Buying from Amazon

The best option is to purchase your printer from Amazon - Amazon will take excellent care of you if something goes wrong, and they are more careful with their parcels. The price is slightly higher, but you need to decide how much peace-of-mind is worth to you.

Buying from China

Buying from Chinese reseller stores like Gearbest and Banggood are likely going to be the cheapest options for you. There is also the option to buy your printer direct from JGAurora via Aliexpress. However, if you are buying your printer from China you should EXPECT there to be something wrong with your printer when it arrives. If nothing is broken, great :-) !! But if there is, do not be surprised - workers in china are not careful with parcels at all!

If you still choose to order your printer from china, please take some of the following precautions:

  1. Choose to pay with Paypal!: Paypal is independant: if the item is broken, and if the reseller is not able to provide you with a satisfactory solution, you can still file a claim with paypal, and paypal can force the seller to provide you a refund.
  2. Choose to pay for shipping insurance!: this varies depending on reseller, but it is a very good idea to choose this option if it is available to you. If that option is not available, try to choose a quality courier company like DHL.

Buy JGAurora A5S (NEW!)

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Where to buy JGAurora A5S

Buy JGAurora A1 (NEW!)


Where to buy JGAurora A1

Buy JGAurora Magic (NEW!)

Where to buy JGAurora JGMaker Magic

Buy JGAurora A5

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Smaller Sellers (tend to be more expensive, especially with shipping)

Buy JGAurora A5X


Where to buy JGAurora A5X

Buy JGAurora A3S

Buy JGAurora A4

Buy JGAurora Z-603S

Buy JGAurora A7

Buy JGAurora A8

Buy JGAurora A8S, A9, etc

Nowhere! Contact JGAurora directly for purchase, or purchase on if you are in china.

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