Make the A5 quieter

Author: AETEK

What is this about?
The following changes to the JGAURORA A5 3D printer have the goal to make the printer so quiet that you can operate the A5 in the living room, without being bothered too much by noise. The visual appearance of the printer should not be changed. Not every possible option is discussed; only the relevant aspects. For example, the Stepper Drivers article does only explain the changes that are important for noise reduction and installation. For more detailed information other sources of information already exist. The changes shown here require knowledge in the field of Arduino, Marlin firmware and electrical engineering and can overwhelm normal users. Also, I would like to point out possible dangers that exist in certain interventions. All adjustments have been checked for function. The changes to the cooling system are designed for use at room temperatures in the range of five to twenty-five degrees Celsius. If the room temperature is higher due to climatic conditions, then you can not reduce the noise level so much, without risking damage to the hardware.
Experience has shown that once you start to reduce noise, other disturbing noises suddenly appear in the foreground that were previously inaudible. There is a possibility for all disturbing noises to reduce these. It's just a matter of the effort you want to do.

Status: 6. July 2018: Completed

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