Hot End Parts and Maintenance

Bowden Coupler ("Pneumatic coupler")

The bowden coupler used on the hot end is a M8 threaded coupler, to hold the 4mm bowden tube. You can find these on ebay by searching for the keywords “PC4 M8 pneumatic”. Note: The thread required is a 1mm thread pitch (“fine thread M8”) NOT the 1.25mm thread. Example of correct item to buy (no endorsement): ebay link

Photo credit: Jarek Ostaszewski via Facebook


The nozzle is a standard M6 thread nozzle, as commonly used in many printers. You can buy nozzles from many places, such as eBay or Aliexpress provided they are an M6 thread. These includes e3d V6-compatible nozzles, or mk8-compatible nozzles.

You can buy some high quality nozzles from places like:

Changing the Nozzle

If your nozzle becomes damaged or clogged, or if you would like to change the extrusion diameter, it can be replaced. There are two ways to change the nozzle:

  1. You can remove the heater block, and then remove the nozzle tip from the heater block. JGAurora has a video how to remove the heater block here.
  2. If you are just changing the nozzle, you may find it easier to remove the nozzle from the heater block without removing it from the printer, using a 7mm socket wrench. However: it is very important that the heater block is firmly held with vice grips while unscrewing, to prevent damaging the hot end heat-break throat. The heat break is thin and requires care to avoid damaging it, so it may be wise  to perform the disassembly first. For this process, the nozzle is a little easier to remove from the heater block when it is hot and at temperature, but it is much safer to perform a full disassembly and remove the nozzle when it is cold.


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