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Welcome to the JGAurora Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to create an independent resource for people who own, or who are interested in JGAurora 3D printers.

$300 PROMOS!

Quick Shortcuts for JGAurora A5 & JGAurora A3S

Quick Navigation: Click on your printer

JGAurora A3S & JGAurora A5

JGAurora Z603S

JGAurora A4

JGAurora A7

All JGAurora 3D Printers

For all other models, please select from the full list below.

Consumer Printers

Commercial / Educational / Industrial Printers

DLP/SLA Resin Printers

Rebadged Printers (manufactured by JGAurora)

Future Models?

Discontinued Printers

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