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   * [[http://​www.jgaurora3d.com/​uploadfiles/​2019/​05/​20190514115908598.rar|Download JGMaker Source Code]]   * [[http://​www.jgaurora3d.com/​uploadfiles/​2019/​05/​20190514115908598.rar|Download JGMaker Source Code]]
 +[[https://​www.youtube.com/​channel/​UCHsEE5cIC8gvoS5D4MkJUWQ|DaHai Zhu]] has kindly prepared a custom firmware for the JGMaker Magic [[https://​www.dropbox.com/​sh/​v7w7u2kmo34kw3u/​AAAkNOoAhwuS59cOvrLWS9fDa?​dl=0|here]].
 +To install firmware on the JGMaker Magic, please follow the [[a5:​firmware|instructions for updating the firmware on the A5]]. However, you can leave the LCD connected, there is no need to unplug it on the Magic.
 ==== Software: JGCreat or Cura ==== ==== Software: JGCreat or Cura ====
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