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JGAurora A7

Released in early 2017, the JGAurora A7 belongs to the JGAurora family of “premium-class”, large format, high precision 3D printers, designed for commercial or industrial use. These printers are not budget printers manufactured with cost cutting in mind (like the A5 and A3S), but are expensive printers, using high-quality components, that appear well designed to deliver premium results. The A7 is the only 3D printer in the high-end range that is advertised for sale outside of China (buying links are provided below). However, the actual performance of these printers is unknown, just like the other commercial and industrial JGAurora 3D printers.


  • Build volume: 260w x 240d x 200h
  • Magnetic removable printing bed
  • Magnetic removable printing head
  • Capacitive touch-screen
  • Auto bed-levelling
  • Smartphone App control with WiFi
  • Fully supported filament path

Where to buy JGAurora A7:


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