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Printing Settings

The defaults settings in many slicers will work and produce reasonable results, but with some tuning of the settings, you can improve the results you get. Some suggestions are explained below.

Retraction Settings

The A5 and A3S are bowden extruders. This means that there is a degree of elastic compression to the filament in the tube between the extruder motor, and the hot end nozzle. This increase the likelyhood of oozing filament, so to combat this the first change you want to do is to increase retraction to between 6.5 and 8mm, and increase the retraction speed to between 75 and 150mm/s.

Printing Profiles

JGCreat / Cura

JGCreat is a rebadged version of an old copy of Cura. You can setup a current version of Cura by selecting the β€œcustom machine” option, and entering the following settings, as seen here.

The default printing material settings in Cura can be reasonably successful when used on the A5, but you may want to increase the retraction settings to around 6mm.

More material printing profiles can be downloaded here. Source: Charles Eakins @ https://github.com/ceakins/3d-Printer-Profiles/tree/master/cura


You can setup IdeaMaker with the A5 printer, by using these machine settings here. More printing settings can be downloaded here. Source: Charles Eakins @ https://github.com/ceakins/3d-Printer-Profiles/tree/master/ideaMaker

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