New Owners Guide: Getting Started

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So you bought an A5 or A3S — congratulations! Here's hoping it serves you well. Before you get started, you would be wise to read this page through. It will prevent headaches better than a packet of paracetamol… ^_^

Having some problems? See the troubleshooting section below.

1. Check the Power Supply

:!: :!: :!: BEFORE YOU PLUG IN YOUR PRINTER :!: :!: :!:


If it is set incorrectly for your local voltage, and you plug in the printer to power, you will DESTROY the power supply. The switch is located inside the printer, but you can access it from underneath. Looking from the back side of the printer, tilt the printer upwards to show an access hole. If you look into the hole at an angle, you will see a red switch. Check that the switch says the correct voltage setting (230 for use in 220-240V countries, or 115 for use in 110-120V countries). If you unfortunately already fried your power supply, you can purchase another one here.

(Photo credit: Marcus Harrysson from facebook)

2. Software Setup & Manual


A copy of the JGAurora user manual, with some additional corrections to the english translation, can be downloaded here.

Printing Settings & Profiles

3. First Print Checklist

Before you do your first print, here are some things you may want to double check.

  • Ensure you push the cable connectors in ALL the way. Many problems occur from poor connections at the side connectors. Your printer may not heat up. Your printer may crash the nozzle into the bed, or slam the head into the end of an axis… PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK all cable sockets FIRST if you are having some problems! =)
  • Inspect the printer thoroughly before use. Check all the screws you can access are tight, and that the axis all move smoothly. Check the bed is parallel with the main chassis of the printer, and check the x-axis is also parallel with both the bed and the main chassis.
  • Be careful not to grind the nozzle on the bed - the bed coating is very abrasive and will damage the brass nozzle requiring replacement.
  • JGAurora does not tune the stepper drivers, so if you are unlucky you might find an axis is skipping steps. For this reason, you might want to open the main chassis, and tune the stepper drivers.

4. Itching for upgrades?

Looking to buy some upgrades? Check out our Essentials page for super essential tools, 3D printer parts and great upgrades.

For starters, I'd recommend taking the time to tune your stepper drivers, upgrade your mainboard firmware , and have a browse through some of the 3D printable upgrades you can do! Maybe start with a new 3D printed fan duct? ABS recommended for this one.

5. Troubleshooting

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